Temple Israel Shops

Need Help Shopping?

Are you…

  • Immunocompromised or homebound?
  • 65+?
  • Caring for an elderly or sick individual?
  • Self-quarantined?

Temple Israel can do grocery shopping for you!

How do you start? *

  1. Write a detailed grocery** list including your name, address, and phone number and email the list to Social Action.
  2. Alternatively, submit your detailed list by filling out this shopping form or, fill out the form below.
  3. Temple Israel staff with volunteers will drop off at your doorstep or doorman. Please make arrangements if help is needed for unloading.
  4. You will be billed later for the cost of your order. A Temple Israel staff person will call to arrange for payment (credit card or ACH payments accepted). A credit card fee will apply.

*If you’ve already provided your list, your shopping has been scheduled, and you will be contacted.
**Only select grocery stores