Temple Israel’s Oral History Project

Tell Your Story!

One of the oldest human (and Jewish) traditions is story-telling. Now at Temple Israel, we are continuing a project to collect our stories.

Temple Israel is a congregation of hundreds of families, each with their own stories. Some of those stories took place in our building, or in the Webster building, or perhaps in one of the even earlier buildings downtown.

We are looking for people who want to share their stories of Temple Israel, and for volunteers to help us collect them. We will be recording interviews with willing subjects at the Temple or another convenient location. The recordings will be archived at the Temple, where they can be viewed. We plan to develop the means for the interviews to be viewed remotely, so that stories can be shared with people who are not nearby.

These are the congregants who have already been interviewed:

Judith Adler
Warren Agatston
Alan Ascher
Frank Axel
Arthur Barr
Linda Capozzola
Mary Ann DeRosa
Leroy Fadem
Thelma Fixler
Nancy Gavrin
Bill Handelman
Damon Maher
Edith Meyers
Art Ostrove
Cantor Helene Reps
Bernard Robinson
Judy Robinson

Phyllis Slotnick
Madeline Stier

If you are interested in interviewing or being interviewed, contact Warren Agatston or Stan Konwiser to volunteer. Mia Egelberg schedules the sessions.

A special thank you to Brotherhood and Sisterhood, Todd Pekats, Val Etra, Mitch Benson, and Warren & Janice Agatston for underwriting the cost of the recording equipment for this project!

Note! We need someone with technical expertise. Are you a high school or college student? Do you need community service hours?
Contact Warren Agatston if you’re interested.