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Wednesday, December 2 2020–Clergy Check-In
Chanukah is coming next week! The next few daily check-ins will be about the “festival of lights!” Today, Cantor Schloss is highlighting Chanukah music. Not just the “regular” Chanukah musical traditions, but those that are a little off the “beaten path.” Get your ears ready, and take a look at Cantor’s hat!

Monday, November 30, 2020–Clergy Check-In
Torah Vayishlach follows the theme of transformation. Jacob is wrestling with God, holding God accountable for what is happening in the world. But should we look at it in a different way? Let’s turn it in a different direction. Let’s wrestle with believing that God is on our side, not an adversary, but a support to us. Let’s pledge to wrestle with our traditions, what can be changed, and believing that we’re not alone in this struggle.


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