Passover – Instructions

Mah Nishtanah 2020 – A Different Kind of Community Seder

Welcome to our special edition of Temple Israel’s Passover Haggadah. We invite you to use this haggadah for your family seder, or join us for Second Night Community Seder on Zoom. Thank you to all the children, teens, adults and families who submitted photos, illustrations and writings to make this year special.

Using this Haggadah:

You are welcome to print a copy of the Haggadah, but we suggest that you keep at least one device on that has the electronic version open so you can click on the links. The links will bring you to all the creative things our community submitted, as well as musical recordings by Cantor Schloss of our favorite Passover melodies.

Icons throughout the Haggadah will lead you to this bonus material.

 – A recording by Cantor Schloss

– A reflection question with answers from the community

– Photos and drawings from our community

 – Creative writings from community members


Start Here

Test out your skills using our special Haggadah by following the Icon below to a collection of photos. Chavaya students were challenged to spell Pesach (Passover) out in Hebrew letters using objects found at home. Can you spell it with items on your Seder Table?