Passover – Elijah’s Cup

Elijah’s Cup: Signs of Future Redemption

Jewish tradition teaches that Elijah will come and announce that the Messiah is coming, bringing in a time of redemption and peace for the entire world. One way to understand the tradition of welcoming Elijah at Passover is that opening the door for Elijah signals our hope for a better world in the future. direction. Elijah represents the opposite.

We asked our Chavaya High School students the following question: Thinking about the problems in our world today, what would be a sign for you that there is hope for a better world or a Messianic Age?

Their answers are below. What changes in the world would bring you hope?

  • The coronavirus disappears or an effective vaccine is discovered.
  • More scientists are focused on finding cures.
  • People have more confidence in themselves and do not follow trends only because they feel pressured.
  • People are more accepting of people the way they are.
  • There is less bullying and hatred.
  • There are no more acts of racism or anti-Semitism.
  • A new generation of people grows up not knowing stereotypes of other groups of people, or a new generation grows up knowing the stereotypes but choosing not to use them.
  • Racial bias in the justice system ends.
  • People have less conflicts, respectfully share opinions, are more willing to compromise or truly “agree to disagree.”
  • The Israelis and Palestinians agree to a peace deal.
  • The stock market heals.
  • More people vote in elections and people have more confidence in our leaders.
  • Authoritarian leaders lose power, ending violent abuses of power.
  • People show more care for the environment.
  • Laws are put in place that enforce climate care.
  • There are visible signs of the world’s environment improving such as diminishing pollution, fish and wildlife populations rebounding, etc.
  • The Ozone layer is spontaneously repaired.
  • People do more random acts of kindness.
  • More people volunteer in the community.